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        1. Product Center

          A manufacturer specializing in precision motors, drives, automation equipment, and solutions


          Product Application

          Dedicated to the integrated design and solutions of motion control products, our offerings primarily encompass hybrid stepper motors, brushless DC motors, servo motors, drivers, gearboxes, linear motors, and more. We deliver value to a range of sectors including industrial automation, medical, security, robotics, 3D printers, communications, textile machinery, sewing, office building gates, smart cities, etc.


          About Us

          Located in Zhujing Industrial Park, Jinshan District, Shanghai, we are committed to the integrated design and solutions of motion control products. Based on specialized and extensive product application technology, we provide customers with integrated and efficient products and services in fields such as automation components, drive control units, motion execution components, and more.

          In our pursuit of excellence, we remain open-minded. The concept of "XUNGU" is derived from this idea, representing the core values that guide all of us at XUNGU.

          CONTACT US


          +86 (0)21 55708128




          2nd Floor, Building 3, No. 418 Hongzun Road, Jinshan District, Shanghai

          WeChat Official Account